When cleaning gets
really big.

400.000 m² of floor area, 21.5 million travellers passing yearly, 22.000 employees
– it’s a mega task to keep Copenhagen Airport clean and immaculate to fit the image as one of Europe’s most attractive airports. Especially because cleaning has to be performed without interfering with the visitors´ usage of the airport facilities.


Complete system. Completely new.

The Swep system from Vileda Professional is central for Copenhagen Airport’s new cleaning approach.


Swep is a one-step mopping system for damp cleaning, where each individual mop head is centrally prepared with the exact dosage of cleaning solution.
It’s fast, cost effective, easy to handle and it leaves nothing but a clean floor behind.

Read more about Swep on the systems detail page.

On location
Category Airport cleaning

Copenhagen Airport,

  • 400.000 m² floor area – mopping.
  • Dusting
  • Surface cleaning – wiping.
  • Transportation of cleaning utensils - Origo
  • Training
  • Implementation
  • 200 cleaners, Supervisors
  • Professional team
  • Managers
  • Other

  • Extremely large areas to be covered in short time.
  • 21.5 million yearly travellers.
  • Cleaning constantly performed amongst travellers. “Cleaning without being noticed”.
  • Offer a sustainable and long lasting system.
  • Replace obsolete existing system with a modern one.
  • Meet demands on optimal workflow, improved working environment, maximum ergonomic and top cleaning performance.
  • Short start-up process.
  • Low cost-in-use.
The solution
  • Swep damp flat mopping system.
  • Microfibre cloths.
  • Origo trolleys.
  • Tailor-made training and system implementation.
Reference by

Anette Melkjorsen, Domestic Services Manager

Vileda consultant

Allan Zacho, Vileda Area Manager is responsible for consulting and supporting Copenhagen Airport.

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