On-Site executions and results.

Beating the superbug required a new cleaning concept


St John´s compared well to other hospital´s infection rate,  but is always looking for ways to improve. Logically they discovered that more effective cleaning is providing the solution.

Before moving to the Vileda Professional Swep Microfibre cleaning system, the cleaning teams at St John’s had been using traditional wet mopping, but came across the Swep system at an exhibition.

Training for maximum result


A vital part of the success is the tailor-made training that was set up for the domestic assistants at St John´s Hospital.

Three Vileda Professional representatives came into the hospital to train the domestic assistants – in total over 300 – and the training took place also at nights and at weekends, which is when some of the cleaning is performed. The domestic assistants were provided with all the Swep equipment required to carry out extensive trials within the hospital.

A healthy result


The outcome of the concept change is impressive: not only has the infection rate gone down by ⅓, also costs and well-being have been affected positively:

  • Lower infection rate – down by ⅓
  • Lower costs on chemicals due to microfibre technology
  • Quick return on investment
  • Faster cleaning
  • Better ergonomics
  • Lower sick leave