How to beat bacteria and cut costs.
All at the same time!

Hospitals all over the world constantly fight a war against more or less resistant bugs. And when they develop into superbugs like MRSA there is a huge problem spreading along wards and hospitals.

At St John’s Hospital the decision was taken to beat the superbug and lower the infection rate by more effective cleaning and hence a higher hygiene standard.


1. Trolley with several clean mops 2. Take out clean mop 3. Put on clean mop 4. Cleaning patient room 5. Remove dirty mops into separate bin 6. Take out a new clean mop 7. Put on a new clean mop 8. Clean another room with fresh mop

From traditional to modern, effective and hygienic.

Traditional cleaning using a single mop increases the risk of spreading dirt and bacteria from one ward to another.

Using the Swep system is something completely different. After the cleaning of a patient room or a ward, the dirty mop is changed into a fresh one, thereby minimizing the risk of bacteria spreading.

Cutting infection rate
by a third

“After implementing the Vileda Professional system, infection rates have fallen by about a third, the lowest for this type of hospital in Scotland”.

The Swep system dramatically reduces the risk of cross contamination and carrying bacteria from ward to ward as every time a new cleaning area is entered, a fresh mop head is used.
At St John’s, infection rate was lowered from 0.0778 per 100 beds down to 0.0548.

"We compared well with our neighbours, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, which had 0.1235 cases. But we are always looking for ways to improve.” 
Margaret Christie, Domestic Services Manager at St John’s Hospital.

On location

Category Health Care cleaning

St John's Hospital, Livingston Scotland

  • 560 beds
  • 25 wards
  • 74,744 m² floor area
    Surface cleaning – wiping.
    Transportation of cleaning utensils – Origo.
  • Training
  • Implementation
  • 320 domestic services operatives
  • 16 supervisors
  • 2 managers
  • other

  • Lower the infection rate
  • Replace traditional floor cleaning methods with a modern one.
  • Introduce cleaning staff to a new concept for floor cleaning.
  • Low cost-in-use
  • Swep damp flat mopping system.
  • Origo trolleys
  • Tailor-made training and system implementation.
Reference by

Simon Sharpe, Domestic Services Manager
Alma Hemming, Senior Cleaner

Vileda consultant

Kevin Charles, Vileda Professional Regional Account Manager is responsible for consulting and supporting St John’s hospital.