Wettex Classic Power 2in1

Absorbency & Cleaning Performance

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Wettex Classic Power 2 in 1 -
Absorbency & Cleaning Performance

• Absorbs 15 times its own weight
• Cleaning power lines remove stubborn dirt
• Cloth material made out of 100%cellulose is fully biodegradeable
• Ideal for use in kitchen environment
• Power lines out of PU hot melt do not scratch delicate surfaces

TSU Name Colour Size Pieces Packs BCU
139857Wettex Power 2in1 redred514139858

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Wettex Power 2in1 Promotion Video

Power Lines - Technology Revolution

The new Abrasive Wettex Sponge Cloth don’t only give you the fantastic  “absorbancy-effect” that you want but, also makes easier to remove tough dirt.

This is because the new Abrasive Wettex Sponge Cloth has a soft and “no-scratch” but still rough layer on the one side that remove tough dirt. Therefore/so rough at one side and soft on the other side.

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