Swep Single HygienePlus

The new standard in floor cleaning!

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Swep Single HygienePlus

The innovative Swep HygienePlus sets new standards in performance, effectiveness and hygiene. The unique combination of antibacterial properties and unbeatable cleaning performance makes it your first choice for excellent, hygienic floor cleaning.

Improved cleaning
The new, patent pending microfibre composition has resulted in best-in-class cleaning performance. Tests show Swep HygienePlus is on average 30% better than leading competitors at removing stubborn dirt from the floor.
Lower friction, higher ergonomics
Improved cleaning performance is not at the cost of ease of use. Swep HygienePlus has on average 10% lower friction than leading competitors. The low friction and lightweight construction makes Swep HygienePlus easy and ergonomic to use, even throughout long shifts.
Removes, inhibits and reduces bacterial growth.
Swep HygienePlus has been tested by leading independent institutions. Tests at BMA Labor found Swep HygienePlus picks up and removes 99.99% of bacteria from surfaces in one cleaning pass. The Hohenstein Institute tested the antibacterial effect of the mop and certified it as has having significant antibacterial.

Benefits of Swep HygienePlus:
• Clean better... 30% more effective dirt removal
• Clean further...  40% better floor coverage*
• Clean more easily... 10% lower friction
• Clean hygienically...  99.9% removal of bacteria from surfaces
• Clean how you want – Pre-prepared or with a press
• Reduce laundry costs – 33% savings as tumble drying is not needed
• Independently certified antibacterial performance after 500 washes
• Antibacterial performance still present after 800 wash life cycle
• Mops can be stored wet overnight

Yarn - 100% Polyester (90% microfibre / 10% brush fibres)
Backing - 100% Polypropolene

Art.no Case TSU Description Colour Size Pieces/pack Packs/case Art.no. Pack BCU
143828 Swep Single HygienePlus (CC) white / grey, blue / grey 50 cm 1 10 143864

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Swep Hygiene Plus Video

The Swep Single System is designed for use as a one-step pre-prepared mopping method. Mops can be prepared manually or in the washing machine and offer high levels of cleaning performance on hard flooring, walls and ceilings.The system is designed for use in all environments, from hospitals, hotels and restaurants through to office environments, residential properties and schools.

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