On-Site executions and results.

Total cleaning system


As traffic and premises constantly grew at Copenhagen Airport there was a huge need to upgrade the complete cleaning system
– washing facilities, logistics and infrastructure/ distribution, cleaning utensils and the cleaning process.

After a thorough evaluation and trial process of several players, the choice was Vileda Professional and their complete system solution.

From analysis to implementation


Already from the beginning a pilot team from the cleaning staff was highly involved in the evaluation and decision making process. After a thorough training session the pilot team started using the new Vileda Professional system.

The outcome was extremely successful and the pilot teams served as the system’s best ambassadors amongst their colleagues.

A crisp and clean result


Constantly monitoring and evaluating the results, it’s clear that the new solution has met – or outscored – the defined goals.
All in all – the Vileda Professional solution has presented some obvious advantages:

  • Higher cleaning standard
  • Shorter time for cleaning
  • Better ergonomics
  • Lower overall costs
  • Lower sick leave