Complete systems for beating bacteria


One major difference to traditional wet mop cleaning is that Swep forms a complete system – it´s a complete microfibre cleaning system designed to fulfil all cleaning requirements including floors, walls, staircases and high or awkward to reach areas.
The use of ultrafine microfibres literally scrapes, removes and absorbs dirt from the surface, leaving nothing behind but tiny water droplets. This improves cleanliness and reduces risk for bacteria growth or spreading.


Origo 500 HX
Highly customizable
trolley solution with
millions of possibilities. More


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Swep Classic MicroFinnmop 50 cm ????


Swep Duo Safety Plus 35 cm Extra strong fibres for long durability. Low friction cleaning at ”high friction” structured floors. Perfect replacement of brushes for tiles and other textures surfaces.More


QuickStar micro  is a unique, durable microfibre cloth designed for timesaving, streak-free cleaning performance and daily washes. The ideal cloth for the pre-preparation in buckets/boxes with cleaning solution. Use it damp or dry. More


Dustpan + sweeper
Collect even the finest dirt. Smooth surface contact to the floor. More

The UltraSpeed The UltraSpeed

Telescopic handles - 100-180cm, 50-90 cm
Ergonomic and award winning handles that minimize physical strain. More