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adds antibacterial properties to its set of performance

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Vileda Professional upgrades the success product WiPro from now on. Hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants and even schools and kindergardens are more concerned than ever about hygiene. In September 2011, Vileda Professional re-launches the well-known WiPro by adding antibacterial properties to the cloth. WiPro is made out of an intelligent fibre mix combined with a latex print. The new latex print deactivates the bacteria and diminishs their population. All other appreciated performance characteristics of WiPro remain unchanged.

It took Vileda Professional´s development team an intense period of research and development to upgrade one of their best selling products. WiPro is used by numerous customers for their daily cleaning operation in many different sites. WiPro is widely appreciated for its cleaning performance, durability and absorbancy. Besides this WiPro provides good value for money. WiPro has always been produced in Germany, the quality of the cloth is outstanding and constantly monitored during the production process.

Scientific proof

The new WiPro has passed tests acc. to the test standard DIN EN ISO 20743 at the independent institute of Hohenstein in Bönnigheim/Germany. WiPro has been certified demonstrating a strong antibacterial performance. This effect is wash-stable, the Hohenstein test has been conducted with a cloth which was washed 20 times. Internal tests at Vileda Professional have shown that the effect stays the same after more washes and that bacteria do not start growing even after 72 hours.

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