Hotel room

General Building


Fast and effective cleaning with a top result is paramount for hotel floor cleaning. These floors are seldom heavliy soiled, but need to be clean and shiny to give the guest a positive first impression.

Floor and skirt boards

Heel marks on floors and skirt boards plus other tough marks must be removed fast and effectively.

Table tops etc

The hotel room offers several surfaces that all have to be immaculately clean and well-kept. Fast and effective one-step wiping is required.


Welcome to our hotel!

Turn around time between check out and check in is tight. You need to clean the hotel room in a short time, not jeopardizing the cleaning result. The guest has high expectations and you can fulfil them with a clean and neat hotel room.

Fast, easy and effective

We have the utensils you need for fast and effective hotel room cleaning, and of course it fits on your trolley.


A trip around the hotel room

Click on the hotel room hot spots, and find out what products are the most suitable for a superb cleaning result. 

Product selection for: Floor (2)

Product selection for: Floor and skirt boards (2)

Product selection for: Table tops etc (2)

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