General Building HoReCa


Heavy floor traffic, dirt, spillage, broken glass or plates puts heavy demands on the floor cleaning. Plus floors must be back in use fast, to minimize the risk of slipping.

Bar top

Spillage and absorption of fluids: lots of water needs to be taken care of swiftly. Pre-rinsing of the dishes before they are placed in the dish washer.


Staircases to be cleaned, spillage and spot-cleaning to be taken care of. Plus floor and surfaces must be back in use fast.

Table tops

Fast wiping and absorption is required, offering a clean and maximum hygienic tabletop to every new guest. Preferrably in one step, without the need for after-drying.


Keep unwanted visitors out

Hygiene is paramount in the restaurant and catering business. Not only to give a clean and inviting impression, but also all to keep germs and bacteria out.

We cover every surface

Deep cleaning, spot cleaning, spillage pick-up – whatever the cleaning needs there is a solution in our systems or product portfolio. For fast, effective and hygienic cleaning.


A trip around the restaurant

Click on the restaurant hot spots, and find out what products are the most suitable for a top hygienic cleaning result.

Product selection for: Floor (1)

Product selection for: Bar top (2)

Product selection for: Staircases  (1)

Product selection for: Table tops (1)

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