Mopping kit 2 x 25 L

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Mopping kit 2 x 25 L

  • 2 x 25 L bucket to separate clean and dirty water

  • Rectangular designed buckets for more stability

  • Colour coded clips can be changed

  • Handle holder on press for easy fit of handle

  • Swivel-mounted push bar for convenient transportation

  • 2 x 25 L Kit consists of two buckets, two chassis and one
    ergonomic down press incl. conversion kit and one push bar Case TSUDescriptionPcs/packPacks/ Pack BCU
127938Mopping kit, 2 x 25 L11516548

Mopping Kits

Vileda offers wet mopping kit solutions for all types of sites and applications. Built around the unique vertical press, they obtain the best scores in cleaning performance and cost in use. Suitable for all types of
flat mops, as well as Kentucky mops (up to 400 gr).

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