ClickSpeed frame

  • All-new pre-prepared system with unique magnetic frame
  • Usable with both: either durable or disposable mops
  • Lightweight and simple to operate and use
  • Touchless mop attaching and removing Case TSUDescriptionColourSizePieces/packPacks/ Pack BCU
138621ClickSpeed frame40110138622

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  • ClickSpeed product folder

    More information on this new pre-prepared system can be found ... here!

ClickSpeed application video

ClickSpeed - all new flat mopping concept

Vileda Professional offers now a cost effective system for damp flat mopping.

ClickSpeed is the answer to customer requests for a floor cleaning system in the low to mid investment range. The ClickSpeed system has a unique and patented mop frame, which is very easy to handle and use. Simply drop the mop on the floor, slide in the frame and then click-close the magnetic mop holder. This means touch-less handling of dirty mops, which is beneficial to the user's hygiene.

ClickSpeed can be used with either microfibre durable mops or with microfibre based disposable mops.

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