Super-absorbing spill remover

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With SpillEx you have the most secure solution to absorb before cleaning. The spill remover absorbs 1.200 ml of water and up to 500 ml of NaCl 0.9%. Once absorbed, the liquid is converted into a gel, so it will not drip when lifting.                                                  No leaking fluids, no direct hand contact, no risk of soiling the bucket water with the spillage and therefore no risk of cross-contamination.

Quick and easy spill removal

  • Place SpillEx on the spillage, with the absorbent unprinted side down.
  • Wait until the spillage is completely soaked up by the spill remover. If the spillage area is bigger than the SpillEx – simply move the spill remover and cover the remaining spillage area.
  • Pick up the used SpillEx and dispose of it. Always wear gloves for safety.

TSU Name Colour Size Pieces Packs BCU
146760Spill Ex (10)weiß51 x 37 cm2010146761

Product related documents

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SpillEx is a disposable super absorbing floor cloth designed for fast spill removal of a wide range of water based liquids from hard floors e.g. blood in operation theatres, urine in elderly homes or to quickly remove soft drink spillages that may cause a slip risk in restaurants or supermarkets.
SpillEx, the super absorbent spill remover ensures fast, safe removal of liquids before actual floor mopping takes place.

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